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What has Ted Lasso got to do with it?

I sat down recently to write a few words for the newsletter recently just after I had watched an episode of 'Ted Lasso'. I don’t watch a lot of TV but recently a friend suggested I give the series a try. After only a couple of episodes, I immediately started thinking about school and thought about how the show correlates with many of our goals. The series centers around an American football coach navigating the world of English soccer, and offers us valuable lessons that can be applied right here at Bourchier. Here are some takeaways:

1. Kindness as a Driving Force: Coach Ted Lasso's unwavering kindness and optimism remind us that our interactions set the tone for our community. Just like the coach's influence on his team, our actions and words shape the experiences of our students. At BSPS we want to cultivate an environment where kindness is a driving force in all that we do and that is why we attempt to fill our days with countless affective interactions where kindness and empathy is modelled to all students. 2. Embracing Challenges: The show's characters face a fair share of challenges, much like we do in our daily lives. Whether it's a tricky math problem or a tough sports match, Ted Lasso teaches us to face challenges with resilience and a positive attitude. We aim to embrace the challenges we face at school as opportunities for growth and learning.

3. Building Meaningful Relationships: Ted's emphasis on relationships highlights the power of connections. Just as he builds a strong bond with his players, we have the privilege of building lasting relationships with our students. We believe positive relationships underpin all the work we do.

4. The Importance of Teamwork: The soccer team in the show thrives when it's members work together towards a common goal. At Bourchier St Primary School, our students, staff and families are part of a bigger team – the school community. When we collaborate, share ideas, and celebrate each other's successes, we create an environment where everyone can flourish. 5. Growth Mindset: Ted Lasso's optimism and belief in growth highlight the power of a growth mindset. Similarly, we encourage our students to approach their lives believing in their potential to learn and improve. Learning is after all one of our espoused values and guides all of our interactions. 6. Celebrating Diversity: The show's diverse cast reminds us of the richness that comes from embracing different backgrounds and perspectives. One of the fantastic features of our school is its diversity. At every opportunity, we want to celebrate that and create an inclusive environment where every student feels valued and respected. If you have seen the show, you will know what I am talking about! If you haven't- it doesn't matter (Disclaimer- Ted Lasso is not for kids!) we just want everyone to know that by infusing kindness, embracing challenges, fostering meaningful relationships, promoting teamwork, cultivating a growth mindset, and celebrating diversity, we'll believe we will make our school (more) awesome and create a nurturing and empowering environment for our students to be their best!

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