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We aim to ensure that students develop useful mathematical skills for everyday life. We want students to see connections and apply concepts, skills and processes to pose and solve problems in a range of contexts. Most importantly, students need to develop a love for Mathematics.


The MathematiciansWorkshop

We believe that all students need to experience high-quality teaching to ensure maximum learning. The Mathematician’s workshop model is based on high impact teaching strategies

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We want our students to be able to apply their learning and their own daily lives and through rich, authentic learning experiences we help learners see how learning mathematics can help them better understand thier world.

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Let's talk about maths

We know that through dicusssion students conceptual understanding becomes stronger. Out classrooms are environments where studetns and teachers talk to each other about ideas –

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Rigorous and continuous assessment underpins all of the work we do. Our practice involves the provision of effective feedback to students and active involvement of students in their own learning.

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We know that what students believe about their own mathematical ability can have a huge impact on learning. We work hard to make sure everyone sees themsleves as mathematicians!

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Developing PASSION

We want to ignite a passion for mathematics. We work hard to make sure all students are engaged in practical, hands on tasks that they genuinely care about and help engage them in the mathematics. 

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The Proficiencies

The inclusion of the proficiencies of understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning in the curriculum is to ensure that student learning and student independence are at the centre of the curriculum.

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