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Sir Murray William James Bourchier

Sir Murray William James Bourchier, born on April 4, 1881, was not only a farmer but also a heroic soldier who made a name for himself during World War I. Sir Murray is famously remembered for his bold charge at Beersheba in 1917, leading his troops on horseback to capture vital water wells from enemy forces. This brave act earned him the nickname 'Bourchier of Beersheba' and a special medal called the Distinguished Service Order.


After the war, Sir Murray shifted his focus to politics, becoming a member of the Victorian Parliament in 1920. He passionately worked on behalf of local farmers and veterans, always fighting for their needs and rights. He held significant roles, such as Minister of Agriculture and even Deputy Premier of Victoria. His leadership and dedication to his community made him a respected figure.


Sir Murray's journey took him all the way to London for an important government role before he passed away in 1937. His story is a great example of bravery and leadership, making him a fitting hero to remember and celebrate on ANZAC Day.


 We have a plaque dedicated to Sir Murray Bourchier in our Front Office, and we even named our School Dog after him. There is a special statue outside the council offices of Sir Murray. Murray the dog's first public outing was to visit the statue!

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