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Principal's Welcome

At Bourchier Street Primary School everything we do is about empowering others to become lifelong learners and understand that they can shape the world around them.  Our values of Respect, Learning and Contribution guide our daily decisions and allow us to place students at the centre of everything we do. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent educational outcomes for each and every learner.


We are very proud of our incredibly passionate and dedicated teachers. They collectively make every day full of curiosity, fun and learning. The school is designed to deliver excellent outcomes. Straight year levels and small class sizes ensure that the knowledge and skills of every student in every class are identified and extended. High quality, evidence-based group instruction aims to lift the performance of all and is supplemented with regular small group and individualised instruction. We have a range of support and extension programs that cater for all learners.


We aim to educate the ‘whole’ child. Our core focus of Literacy and Numeracy is complemented with a dedication to Social and Emotional learning, and diverse specialists programs, with subjects including Physical Education, Visual Arts, Science and Technology (STEM), Performing Arts, Dance, Music, and Media Arts. We work hard to incorporate authentic learning contexts and ensure that learning experiences go beyond the classroom. Our Kitchen Garden program promotes outdoor learning and healthy lifestyle habits.


Camps and excursions are an important component of our school and provide lifelong memories. We are very proud of the ‘Bourchier’ community that exists and offer many ways in which people can partner with the school. We have playgroups, sporting clubs, holiday programs and before and after school care for families that might need regular or occasional care.


Every day is open day at Bourchier Street Primary School so please come and have a look!


Gary D'Arma


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