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Yesterday marked ANZAC day, which is a very special day in the Australian calendar. At Bourchier, we have been very busy this week learning all about what Anzac Day is and what it represents in a variety of ways.


Our Year fours last week visited the Victorian Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. This was an incredible experience, and where we were guided through the shrine through a variety of educational activities. The students and staff were able to try on uniforms just like those worn by the ANZACs all the way back in Gallipoli.


We also learnt about how difficult life at war really was. They learnt about rations, learnt about how soldiers helped themselves from getting homesick and some of the tragic injuries and loss of lives that occurred during the many conflicts that Australians have been involved with.


Back at school, all year levels have spoken about Anzac Day. We have made poppies, learnt specific vocabulary, and read and written stories that aim to bring the experiences of our soldiers and people at war back into the consciousness of our students.


One special ANZAC worth mentioning here is the school's namesake, Sir Murray Bourchier. Murray Bourchier was a decorated soldier and led many successful campaigns in the First World War. We have a plaque dedicated to Sir Murray Bourchier in our Front Office, and we even named our School Dog after him. You can read more about Sir Murray here.

Celebrating ANZAC Day is a special way for us at Bourchier Street Primary School to remember and honour brave individuals like Sir Murray Bourchier, who made great sacrifices for our country. This day helps us learn about the values of courage, teamwork, and determination. It's essential for us, even as young students, to recognize the contributions of those who came before us, ensuring we appreciate the peace and opportunities we enjoy today. By commemorating ANZAC Day, we keep the stories of these heroes alive, understanding more about our history and the importance of helping and supporting each other, just as they did.

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