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Grazie Tallulah!


We would like to acknowledge and congratulate Tallulah’s achievements during her time in the art room in term 4.

Tallulah is a previous Bourchier Street PS alumni and came back as a student on work experience to become an AID. She finished her placement leaving a huge positive contribution both for the students and also for Miss L (Art & Italian teacher).

We all have appreciated Tallulah’s fabulous artistic talents as well as her enthusiasm, strong work ethic and energy during this time, especially coming back into term 4 after a long time of remote learning.

Tallulah has been focusing her work on specific classes and groups of students and here are some of her highlights:

I remember when I made little origami stars with foundation students and everybody loved them, so I ended up giving them all away;”

“When I ran the mosaic activity with selected grade 5 & 6 classes, I enjoyed seeing what each student could come up with to face their challenges and finally seeing it all come together”

“This whole experience has taught me a lot about being patient and what works for some students may not work for others”

We wish all the best to Tallulah for her future career as an artist and an AID and GRAZIE FOR EVERYTHING!

Miss L.

Art& Italian teacher

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