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What skills do our kids need?

This afternoon we will exploring some of the fundamental thinking that underpins our educational philosophy at Bourchier Street Primary. We believe in equipping our students in the skills for them be creative problem solvers who can collaborate within and across teams to lead sustainable action.

Our school values have been developed to reflect this need and examples of competencies that will allow our students to thrive in the 21st century. To help us deliver this to our students we will look at rubrics that have been designed to help us analyse where we are in relation to these students. We want to use these rubrics and re-write them into ‘kidspeak’ so that we can be transparent about the process with our students and they can join us on the journey.

Check out the video below and have a think about what competencies Caine demonstrates…

What did you think of Caine’s Arcade which of the Bourchier Street Values (Check out the Prezi below) were evident in the video?

Our values have been derived by work from the people responsible for the New Pedagogies for Deeper Learning Project, including John Hattie and Michael Fullan. Some more resources from that project are included below:

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