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Think before you click!

Recently we stumbled across an email from the E-Safety commissioner . The E-Safety commissioner provides a wide range of online safety programs and resources. We use many of these resources at school to inform both our staff and students.

The email outlined eSafety programs for 2022 including webinars for families. Navigating the online world safely is such an important but challenging task for all families. Arming oursleves with as much knlwledge as possible is one way to protect our kids from harmful online risks. That is why we are encouraging anyone wioth school aged children to check out the eSafety website, and their 2022 Webinar offerings.

February the 8th 2022 is Safer Internet Day. Stay tuned for activities that we will do promote the importance of safe internet practices.

The Esafety site also has published a schedule of webinars and activities that committing to would ensure we have a steady stream of reminders about internet safety throughout the year. You can download the schdeule below.

2022 Parent series - Schedule V2 DONE
Download PDF • 87KB

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