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Students speak up!

Student Voice is a key priority in the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes. Today’s workshop was all about how we can increase the opportunities for Studnet Voice at the school. We started by discussing why student’s voice is important. We recorded some thoughts on this padlet wall.

Made with Padlet

Student Voice improves student self-confidence, increases empowerment, develops the idea that action creates change and has many other schools and community benefits.  Some of the potentials of student voice are encapsulated by the TED talk delivered by Logan LaPlante, a 13-year-old who has had immense control over his own education for a number of years. Watching this video could help us consider the possibilities that can open up when opportunities are explored and students are given opportunities for increased input into their education.

An exceptional kid? Well…yes, but how many more kids could be just as inspiring as Logan. I am sure there are many, and that’s why Student Voice is so crucial!

The Victorian SRC have a document that outlines opportunities for including student voice into the six high impact dimensions of the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO)

After pondering both the videos and the ideas in the reading we started to consider our own context and looked at what we are currently doing and identified any potential actions we could take. We did the same activity using the FISO self Evaluations. We came up with many actions that we can now work together to implement.

I guess we should end by hearing from the kids!

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