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Today in Garden we had several tasks to continue on with from the previous fortnight. Due to a few students away we split into 3 groups and were lucky enough to have a Grandparent come in to help us out for the day.

Yellow Group- Worked with our Grandparent helper to weed and remove any old plants and matter from an area that will be used to plant Garlic in the coming weeks. This meant looking at the root structure of weeds and how to remove these correctly as well as turning the soil and adding some compost to the dirt for nutrients.

Green/Red Groups- Worked with Mel to continue our Mosaic design on the outside walls of our garden area.

The eggs need to be collected, date written on them and placed into the fridge. The laying boxes need fresh straw placed into them and food filled up. The water troth needs to be emptied using a bucket and water used to water the fruit trees in the chicken run. Once this is emptied it needs to be filled back up with clean fresh water. The chicken poo to be collected and put into the compost bin.

Orange Group- Worked with me today to research and work out how to get an old worm farm operational again. We looked into what worms can and can’t eat, the habitat they live in and how to care for them.

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