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Orientation Week for 2021 Foundation Students!

At Bourchier we have always placed a high importance on a successful transition program. A good transition program is an opportunity for us to engage and build relationships with children and communicate to children that they are in a safe, secure and predictable environment.

In past years we have had a total of six face to face sessions as well as an orientation day where children and parents get to meet their first ever school teacher! This year restrictions on gathering put in place to control the spread of the Coronavirus has meant that our transitions have looked very different. We have had small groups of up to ten children meeting teachers, playing in the playground, listening to stories, touring our schools and checking out our classrooms. It has been heaps of fun and there are actually a lot of benefits to us being able to meet with the kids in a smaller group. We have got to know more about the learners and taken steps to build and nurture the relationships we know are so important to a successful start to school.

Next week is Orientation Week for our 2021 Foundation students. This again is different to what we have been used to in previous years. There will be sessions throughout the week where parents adn students will be able to meet their childs Foundation Student, check out the classroom and ask questions. School Leaders will also be available during each session to ask any questions. We are really excited to finally have families in the school.

There has been more detailed information emailed out to all enrolled families.

For your enjoyment please click on this link to see our current 2020 Foundation student, Trini, taking us through a typical Foundation day at Bourchier Primary.

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