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Orientation Day: Tuesday the 8th of December

Next Tuesday for everyone except for our 2021 Foundation Students will be our Orientation Day! More information about Foundation Orientation Week can be found here. Orientation Day will provide an opportunity for kids to meet their 2021 teacher and check out what will be their new classroom. Orientation Day aims to build excitement and confidence about 2021 and we hope that it will be a fun and exciting time for all. 

On Orientation Day we will visit our 2021 classrooms for two hours during the day. Your child will get the opportunity not just meet their teacher and check out their new learning space but also give them an opportunity to meet all the teachers in their new year level and ask any questions they may have about the coming year.

All student will be sent home with a letter explaining who the 2021 teacher will be, where the classroom will be and will also include a class list.

Some of our Year Six students will be able to attend Orientation sessions at the greater Shepparton Secondary College. This is a very exciting time for them as well. If you have any questions about the Year six to seven orientation session please contact your child’s teacher

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