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Online PDP’s: What it means…

Today’s session is all about the Performance and Develpoment Process for 2017. You will find a link to the slideshow below. If you were unable to attend in person everything you need should be this page, if you hvae any queries, send them through!

Firstly we will be reviewing our goals that we created at the start of 2017. Some amendments have been made and we will have some time now to review and make any necessary changes or additions. The original documents have been converted in google documents to allow for easier collaboration. Please click on the link to find your PDP.

Here is a link to a video tutorial put out by the department about how to navigate the new online system. Below please find the Performance and Development guidelines.

If we have not already completed it it is now time to craft and complete your fourth goal. This goal can be completed by sections or year levels if you wish. The goal needs to be based on student outcomes.

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