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Numeracy Meeting: Reshaping Maths Tasks for Success!

Good afternoon everybody!

The focus of this afternoons meeting is on reshaping maths tasks. Traditionally maths tasks suggested for kids in the primary grades have come from an educational context where textbooks ruled. We all know the value of and benefits of open ended tasks. Today’s meeting will focus on taking a maths task open ended or not and reshaping it so it you give all your students the best chance for success.

We know how important it is for kids to get lots of practice estimating. We will start of having a look at this great website

Next up we have this great article written by the guru of differentiation Carol Ann Tomlinson ……highlighting the essential elemtents of differentiating instruction…

Here is another great Diagram that summarises the four ways of reshaping tasks.

Here is a summary of some reshaped maths tasks:

Do you feel more confident now about reshaping maths tasks?

Which element of reshaping maths tasks are you most comfortable with? Which one do you need more support with?

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