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Numeracy Meeting: Is your task quality?

This afternoon’s meeting is focusing on the characteristics of a quality numeracy tasks.Give me a Q! Give me a U! Give me a A! Give me a L! Give me a I! Give me a T! Give me a Y! Give me Quality!

Paddy introduced us to the estimation foldable. The idea behind the foldable is that we want all our students P-6 to be consistently estimating, evaluating and naming the strategy used when calculating problems.

What other ways could you introduce this language in your classroom?

Examples of Quality Tasks:

Count on cubes:

Secret Pairs:

Bingo Halving/Doubling:


What are the Characteristics of a quality task?.Check out the link for a well researched and accepted guide!

Do tasks that we currently do in our classrooms match the Characteristics of a quality task document?

Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below…

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