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Keep those comments coming!

In the last week our school reached a significant milestone, we reached over 100,000 total submissions on Seesaw. During our remote learning periods this year we have averaged around 10,000 pieces of work being submitted each week. While these numbers are mind boggling it is not surprising considering the massive efforts that students and families have been putting in. Well done everyone.

Over 100,000 total Seesaw Submissions! What a great effort!

While these numbers are very impressive we know that our leaners require feedback on how they can move to the nest step in thier learning. We also have well over 60,000 comments that are comprised of both feedback from teachers as well as comments from parents. The kids (and teachers) love receiving feedback comments and likes from families so thank you! Feedback doesn’t even have to be written, voice comments are great!

Below is an example of feedback and how simple it is, simply type it into the box at the bottom of a post and your’e done!

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