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Murray's name!

As you all know the school now has a dog. The dog has been busy with learning about life away from his brothers and sisters and has been spending lots of time playing, eating and sleeping.

At the last assembly we asked everyone to vote on a name for the dog. Buddy was very popular choice but we learnt that in fact Murray’s dad’s name was Buddy and we wanted our Dog to have his own unique name. The name Murray was the next most popular choice and comes from Sir Murray Bourchier. Sir Murray Bourchier was an important person and you can read more about him in our front office.

Check out Murray's Dad!

Murray has received a needle at the Vets this week which means he will be able to visit very soon. An interesting fact is that Murray’s sister Rosie is almost due to start work at Notre Dame College as their school wellbeing dog.

One of the most important things for Murray is that he is able to relax here at school. So everyone at school needs to help him learn to relax. Next week someone will be visiting your classroom to talk about how we can help Murray relax.

After that Murray will be paying classrooms a visit!

Here is a photo taken of Murray a couple of weeks ago at Bunnings!

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