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Literacy Ideas and Resources

For this week’s staff meeting the Literacy Team will be running a series of rotations to share a number of Literacy ideas and resources. Some ideas have come from our session with Andrea and others are resources that we have used before but may need reminding that they are still out there.

The Literacy Shed The Literacy Shed provides you with some fantastic video clips with full lesson plans to use during Reading and Writing. Here is a link that takes you directly to the website.

Google Forms Google Forms can be accessed through Google Drive. This app can be used to create surveys and questionnaires to be used in a variety of ways.

Visual Summarising An interesting take on summarising to make it more engaging and interactive.

Paraphrasing Active paraphrasing with individual and team based interaction.

Guided writing as a paraphrasing activity to engage children lacking confidence.

Shrinking Notes

A quick activity for students to get to the main idea of a text and to practice summarising.


An app on ipads for different reading material, lots of information texts.

Wonder Jars: Excellent for Inquiry. Chn bring a jar from home and fill the jar with things that they wonder about. This could be small models of something, pictures, written questions, anything. Student can attach their inquiry questions to the outside of the jar.

Story telling basket: Great for oral language. Teacher provides a basket with a number of different ‘props’ in it, such as toy animals, dolls, everyday items, pictures etc. Students are to come up with a story about some of the things they come across in the basket. They may write this story down or just tell it to the class/partner/small group.

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