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Learning with Games

Dale Sidebottom gave us heaps of energy when he discussed his new learning platform. His site is accessible at 

Dale’s message could be summarised in the statement that engagement is critical to learning. Dale is all about bringing fun into the classroom and who doesn’t want to have fun why we are at school?  We were also reminded that physical activity should not be reserved to weekly PE lessons. There are many ways that we can engage and re-energise everyone by integrating physical activity into our lessons.

As a part of Dale’s session he touched on the elements of gamification in the classroom. It reminded me of a very interesting TED talk by Paul Anderson who is an experienced science teacher, consultant and You tuber who turned his class into a Video Game! The talk goes for just over ten minutes and is well worth the watch.

He has also become very popular on Youtube with his science videos. One message he gives that I think is important for all teachers is his video on how he teaches science

Paul’s message for us to not kill the wonder is important not just for science teachers but for teachers everywhere! Please check out both the videos above and leave any comments or other links below.

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