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Authentic, Open Ended…Numeracy

This afternoon’s Staff meeting was all about Inquiry mathematics. The Maths team shared some great examples of open-ended, authentic mathematics tasks.  Then in teams, we all designed an open-ended numeracy task that is relevant to our students this year. We looked at what areas of numeracy we still need to address this year and considered the context of our class and what events we have on to design an authentic mathematical investigation.

From sausages at the sleepover to pizza parties and trips to the cinema, there were lots of ways to incorporate maths into what is happening at the school and we are sure lots of maths!

The content of the session was informed by people such as Jo Boaler, Pat Lilburn and most importantly by our kids! Here is an article that is written by Jo Boaler who is the author of Mathematical Mindsets and is responsible improving the numeracy achievement of countless students.

Also, we just thought we would finish the post with a throwback to an earlier maths meeting we were discussed at length the different teaching approaches in mathematics. Please check out the numeracy videos outlining different teaching approaches. Leave a comment on the video to tell us what approach you think is featured in each video.

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