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A little gratitude goes a long way!

As we await patierntly for the COVID-19 outbreak to subside, we have been thinking a lot oabout Gratitude at school. While we all agree that showing gratitude and thanking people is a nice thing to do, does it actually make a difference to our own health?

Previous research clearly shows that it does. Practicing gratitude increases our positive emotions and optimism. It reduces our negative emotions and makes us feel physically better. It also contributes to more connectedness and general satisfaction with not just school but with life in general.

Recently our Year Six students reached out to people to helped them through a very challenging isolation period. Check out their messages in this video below.

There are many simple ways to demonstrate gratitude. We encourage everyone reading this post to try them. You could keep a gratitude journal, think about three things you are thankful for at the end of every day, go out of your way to thank someone, or simply go outside and notice somethign that makes you smile, stop and appreciate that thinfg for just being there! Sounds simple but it works. Give something a go , we think they will make you feel good!

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