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VCOP and the Big Write

Big Write = Best Write

Big Writing is a way of teaching writing that focuses on four aspects of the writing process (VCOP) in addition to other writing components such as genre and text structure. The program gives students the skills to improve their writing and the opportunity to self-regulate their learning. Talk, talk, talk is a big focus of the program. ‘If you can’t say it, you can’t write it’.

What is VCOP? V is for vocabulary: This is where ‘Wow Words’ can be displayed. Wow Words are new and impressive words that are used and shared by the students. Students are encouraged to use these words when talking and writing. C is for connectives: Children are taught what connectives are and when to use them in their writing. O is for openers: Students are encouraged to make their sentence openers more interesting and varied. P is for punctuation: Students are taught the names of different types of punctuation and they learn to use them in their writing.

These four components are taught explicitly and revised and practiced through games. Once the time has been taken to explicitly teach each component (2-3 weeks) per component students are ready to do a ‘Big Write’. On the day before 15 minutes is taken to introduce the Big Write topic. Students discuss the topic as a class and then again when they get home with their family. This allows all students to come up with some ideas for their Big Write the following day. On a Big Write day teacher sets the scene using candles, music, special pencils etc. Students complete an entire writing piece in 40 minutes. They then self-assess their work against goals to measure their success.

For more information about the Big Write and for free resources please go to the following website

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