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V is for Vocabulary

Tonight’s meeting will focus on the vocabulary aspect of VCOP. Vocabulary can be taught across all curriculum areas through explicit teaching, incidentally and games.

Here are some short and sharp games that will help develop vocabulary in your classroom:

Scattergories – A letter is chosen along with a list of categories. In a short amount of time all players have to list something in each category starting with that particular letter. Points are awarded to those players that have words listed that nobody else has.

Rock, Paper, Scissors – Classic game that everyone knows adapted to introduce and reinforce synonyms and antonyms. When players have the same action they call out synonyms for the chosen word. When players have a different action they list antonyms for the chosen word.


There are plenty of free resources available on the VCOP and Big Write website that support the development of vocabulary in your classroom. Have a look and make yourself familiar with the site.

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