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Return to School: Term Three 2020

Dear Families

​We Hope the holidays have been restful. We are back to school on Monday 13 July.

We are aware that some parts of Victoria have extended holidays due to an increase in the number of cases with coronavirus. We do not have extended holidays. We are incredibly lucky to live in Shepparton at the moment where this virus is currently minimal and we are not being impacted by server lock downs. We hope it stays that way.

At school we will continue to be extremely vigilant with cleaning and safety procedures in order to keep everyone healthy and safe.

As already mentioned

  1. Adults (apart from staff) are still unable to come onto our school site

  2. The six gates will continue to operate and be manned by staff between 8:25 am and 8:45 am as well as 3:15 pm and 3:30 pm (if children come or leave outside these times they need to use gate 3)

  3. We encourage the “kiss and go” procedure where you just stop and drop off (stay in your car). This will operate for the entire length of the school side of Bourchier St.

  4. If you need to leave your car please park in the side streets.

  5. Avoid congregating at gates (Social distancing of 1.5 m)

If you have any concerns please phone us.

We are looking forward to much learning and fun times during term 3.

See you all on Monday.

Kind regards Denise, Gary and Jenni

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