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Restorative Practice at BSPS

At Bourchier St Primary School we provide a safe, caring and respectful learning environment for all students, that supports their effective learning and their emotional wellbeing. It is built on a strong foundation of respect, tolerance and understanding.

The Restorative Approach Student support at Bourchier Street is based on a restorative approach. It focuses on building, maintaining and restoring positive relationships. Restorative practices help students learn from their mistakes and reconcile and resolve problems with others. The focus is on addressing issues and learning, rather than punishing students.

The Restorative Process In the restorative process we look at: The past – What happened? The present – Who is affected and what can be done about it? The future – What changes can be made to prevent this from happening again?

The procedure we follow is based on the 4 Restorative Questions. Restorative Questions to person who has caused harm 1. What happened? 2. Who has been hurt? How? 3. What do you think you need to do to make things right? 4. If this happens again what will you do?

Restorative Questions to the person who has been harmed 1. How have you been hurt? 2. How has this made you feel? 3. What do you think needs to happen to make things right?

These restorative questions are used for all levels of behaviour from minor incidents through to more serious incidents. The Restorative Approach assists students in learning about their behaviour through the restorative process and appropriate consequences.

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