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Our first P&D Meeting of 2015

Today we completed our first P&D meeting of 2015. It is always a good experience to meet and chat about what matters most to students in a small group of colleagues.

Here is a link to who beongs where in 2015!     PERFORMANCE AND DEVELOPMENT TEAMS

Today’s session saw us sharing some great lessons that we have used in our classrooms that demonstrated:

  1. learning intention

  2. the hook

  3. a brief description of the task

  4. the success criteria that has been developed with your students.

Hard copies of these lessons were collected for filing purposes, it would also benefit you to include your lesson in your personal P&D folder. Sharing lessons that have worked well in our classrooms is a great form of professional learning, after all we a re a team and want to learn form each other.

We also discussed a few strategies that we have implemented in our classrooms this year to ensure we have calm and respectful classrooms. See below for the key questions discussed and some of the answers that were discussed.

What strategy or process will you put in place after recess/lunch when students return angry/upset?

  1.  Ask if it been dealt with.

  2. School restorative questions

  3. Can I help you with?? Problem magnets?

  4. Using photos to move to problem area on a page

  5. Catastrophe scale for a preventative measure. Interactive catastrophe scale. Making sure you have lots of examples.

 What circle time routine will you use to dismiss your class each day?

  1. Passing the high five around the circle, good morning afternoon.

  2. Favourite part of the day, and making sure that everyone has chance

  3. Having them sit in roll order, great for passing notes around etc.

  4. Good afternoon, leaving on a positive note etc.

  5. Staggering the exit.

  6. Creative questions: Like what colour do you feel?

What will you do ensure that no child is late returning to class form outside/activities?

  1.  Yard duty.

  2. Restorative

  3. Stern talking to

  4. Inviting activities, once the kids know there is something engaging and fun waiting for them it is bound to make a big difference.

Do you have any other ideas?

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