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Mindfulness, Wellness and Blue-earthedness

Today staff enjoyed a fun pracital session that was led by some of our many Blue -Earth trained teachers. We were first shown the fabulous website Go noodle which aimks to provide a fun and interactive way for students to get moving, become active and strong!

Visit to sign up and get your class moving!

We also heard about acouple of an ex employee’s great apps one of which is based around brain breaks in the classroom, which research has shown is essential for children to maximise the most of learning opportunities!

 Visit the App store to download Brain Break from Dale Sidebottom.

Staff were then led through a couple of practical activities, including the count to ten relay, Bean bag shuffle, and remmeber your order. We also played tap tap and Whitey showed us the ‘stop the ball with your bum’ game.

These games are heaps of fun and can all be found on the Blue Earth Teacher resource center. Create a login or use the Bourchier one and check out some of teh great challenges games and activities that are found there.

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