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Let’s Keep Reading!

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I know we have said it hundreds of times, but here is it one more time….2020 has been like no other! We have been thrust into home learning not once but twice! Even when we returned to school we faced many different restrictions which meant school was very different. One of the changes we took for granted was the ability to take home books. Due to restrictions with sharing materials and the need to sanitise regularly we were unable to take books from school home. In addition to this the LIbrary has been unavailable for all students to borrow books. At Bourchier, we love reading so much that this has been a very hard pill to swallow.

Now we are back into our second phase of remote learning and we remain committed to doing everything we can to play our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19 so once again we have been unable to take books from school.

Many of us have adapted and utilised technology in repsonse to these cahllenges. We have long used Epic for which provides instant access to thoudands of levelled texts on any mobile device. In addition to that our school has aslo gained access to Wushka which is a fantastic online reading resource which has many australian titles.

Also we shouldn’t forget our schools electronic libary. The Bourchier E-Library system allows any student to borrow titles which will download directly onto their device.

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And of course we shouldn’t forget the importance of a physical book! The physical act of turning the pages, the time away from the screen, the smell of the pages are all things we should not underestimate! We hope that your home has many books available and that all kids are exploring all the different things there are to read. We are working hard with Department of Education health and safety officials to work out an acceptable solution of getting more books into our homes, so stay tuned for news!

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