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Fun Fridays!

Who likes fun? Surely everybody!

That is exactly what we wanted to bring to everyone with our Fun Fridays. We are in the second period of remote learning in 2020 and have now been unable to be at school since the start of August. Everyone has been doing such a great job logging completing tasks and joiing Zoom sessions but everyone knows that this can be very challenging. In response to this challenge some of our teachers have developed a plan to bring fun to everyone for the last three weeks of Term Three. We have planned three great fun days to finish of our weeks! Our first ‘Fun Friday’ was held last week and it was great to see so many people joining in on all the fun that was happening throughout the day.

We had four fantastic sessions happening last Friday. Footy Skills with Mr Moor encouraged all of us to get outside and the special appearance from Mrs A was a highlight. Mr McMullan battled through a cake making challnege with his very own own Ultimate Cooking Skills session. Miss Combridge wowed us with some delightful science experiments and Mrs Van Popering gave us a sneak peak of her life on the farm with her  Ant Farm demonstration. 

Watch the trailer for Mr MCMullan’s Cooking Show below:

If you want to watch the full version please click here!

We also had lots more activities happening throughout the day. Our choice board included Literacy, Numeracy, Science and technology based activities and the house points Goose Chase Scavenger Hunt was also great fun!

We were so pleased to see so many people tuning into the Fun Friday activities and we are hoping that our next Fun Friday is bigger and better! It will be superhero themed so it would be great to see everyone wearing capes, masks or their best superhero outfit during the day! 

Here is this weeks Fun Friday activities


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