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Evernote, Blogs and more…

Hi all, this afternoon’s meeting aims to shed any confusion that may exist regarding some of the common applications used at our school. We will start in the staff room explain a few of the common sites and apps we use and then branch off into workshops where you can personalise your own learning experience by choosing what workshop you would like to attend.

Here is a brief rundown of what is happening during the session:

Whole Staff Rundown

Evernote and Drive: The difference between Evernote and Drive.

Blogging Buddies: Friendly competition…

How to inform parents about blogging-

Treasure Maps- Skills Lists


  1. Setting up a BYOD for our school- Carly

  2. Setting up student accounts/Blogs-Gleeso and Matt, Alice

  3. General Blogging Skills (Treasure Map)- Aaron, Kayla

  4. Evernote Sandpit- (Setting up with Drive)-Myself

Here is a slideshow that will be used:

This is the padlet wall for you to record your blogging buddy arrangement:

Here is the sheet that Gleeso prepared for setting up student accounts/blogs

Here are the Skills Maps…

Tomorrow afternoon’s meeting will be on ‘Apps for Learning’ We will be giving you a brief overview of the following apps:

  1. Explain Everything/Educreations

  2. Dropbox

  3. Apps for learning

  4. Wee Mee-Kayla

  5. ColAR Mix-Gary

  6. Phoetic/Word Cloud Generator/Cloud Art-Gleeso

  7. ThingLink-Alice

  8. Chatterpix kids-Carly

  9. Do Ink Greenscreening-Gleeso

  10. Flipagram-Alice

After the overview we will again be running workshops to investigate and actually the apps discussed. You will be able to attend two workshops during the session allowing you to develop your skills in two particular apps, so that you are not overwhelmed!

Thanks again, if you have any questions or feedback for the Digital Learning Team please leave a comment below!

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