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End of Term Two: News Update

Dear Families,

This term has certainly been one with a difference. Our children and their families have survived very different times and have all done an amazing job. Families deserve a huge congrats and thanks for staying the cause, for working with us to ensure learning continued.

Remote Learning Remote learning was incredibly testing and was a challenge to many. We are all different. Some families enjoyed remote learning while other were not so keen. Some children enjoyed the different way of learning while others preferred the classroom here at school. However, it was unanimous, all children missed recess time and lunch time out side, engaging in play with their friends. It is great to have everyone back at school. We need to acknowledge our teachers commitment to teaching and learning this term as they too have been challenged with a new way. It is to their credit that our children were given the opportunity to continue learning and enjoy school in a different way. Our children here at Bourchier St have been lucky to have these dedicated caring teachers during this difficult time.

Reports Reports went home yesterday. You will notice that they are condensed due to the interruptions to learning this Semester. If you wish to discuss or raise any concerns please contact us.

Conferences We are offering parent student teacher conferences during the first two weeks next term through Zoom or a phone call. Please book in on compass if you would like to catch up with your child’s teacher.

End of Term

Holidays begin tomorrow,  Friday 26 June (School finishes at 2:30 pm)

Parenting Program from Department of Education Families can now access free expert parenting advice through the online Triple P – Positive Parenting Program. The program is relevant to families with children between 2 and 16 years and provides strategies to deal with specific challenges, such as building children’s resilience and dealing with conflict.

 Reminder dates

  1. 26/06/2020       End of Term  2   Dismissal is 2:30 pm

  2. 13/07/2020       Term 3 commences

  3. 14/07/2020      School Photographs

  4. 30/07/2020      Pie drive orders due

Enjoy a safe, restful, happy holiday!

Kind Regards Denise

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