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Digital Learning Day

We are very much looking forward to Thursday’s Digital Learning Day. It should be an excellent opportunity for us to get together and discuss many ideas relating to tech use in our school and come up with  concrete plans for our future direction. I am starting to compile just a few resources for the day. A few people have asked about what we will need to bring.  You will need your laptop and iPad (Hopefully all of our stuff connects OK! ) and most importantly a very open mind. I will add ideas to this post as they develop and perhaps we can even add stuff to this post on the day. A way of keeping all of the information together. I have an interactive picture of Flori below with a few important links. Just hover over his fingers to find out info about the link we will be talking about some of them on the day.

We will start at 8:45am have breaks when we need to and hopefully get a fair bit done. We will not be following a strict agenda but it will be more of a participant driven affair, with each of us sharing ideas and compiling them together into a coherent plan. We do have a rough outline of where we will be going throughout the day though:

  1. Why are we here?

  2. Taking the E out of E learning

  3. Aims for the day?

  4. PD Document, Skills checklist for teachers

  5. Skills for students plan

  6. BYOD Future direction= Happy with device selection? documentation, essential apps list.

  7. Detailed look at class and student blogs.

  8. “Leveraging digital” audit document.

  9. Detailed look at a few “key apps”-Try to focus on creation apps (vs content apps) What can we introduce to our section?

  10. Web tools exploration- Edustar Cards, edustar image.

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