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Collaborative Learning

During last weeks professional learning session it was interesting to see the many ideas that we generated about how we can improve our ability to work, and more importantly learn together. We had a bit of time to break the ice with a chat, using the m&m sharing prompt. Videos of driverless cars and robots set the scene for a rapidly changing world. We know that the changing world has many implications for education and for us to learn about new ways of learning it is very important for us to work closely together.

We generated many ideas about how we can work closely together and then prototyped some of our best ideas. We had lego, craft, and many prototypes to represent our thinking. At the end of the session, we had at least seven (one per year level) ideas to take away and work to implement. Some of the ideas we came up with were:

  1. Spending dedicated time in an outdoor setting (river)

  2. Sharing investigation time in a learning space spread out across four learning spaces, including an outdoor space.

  3. Including more flexibility in our staff room design.

  4. Having a genius hour or day where students and teacher can pursue an area of interest.

  5. Creating STEM challenges during Inquiry learning time that can ultimately provide students with the opportunity to contribute an identified need in society.

  6. Implementing a Kids Shed program where students can work with experts to build practical skills and improve school and community facilities.

Check out the presentation below

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