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Climbing mountains with Lorin Nicholson

Today we had the privilege of a visit from Lorin Nicholson. Lorin is renown for being an inspirational guest speaker. Lorin’s message really hit home with both our students and staff. Lorin has had to deal with many challenges throughout his life. He was born with a genetic condition that left him almost totally blind. The message he delivered to our students and staff was inspiring and motivating. He spoke about facing challenges and adversity with courage. With the many hurdles he faced he talked about the hardest challenge he faced was the reactions of other people to his disability. His answer to this challenge came very clear to him in a moment where his peers included him in activities despite the negative perceptions held by many others.

The greatest mountain we climb in life, is the mountain inside ourselves- Lorin

Lorin conducted a motivational performance with our year 5/6 students where he played some music and told his story with our students. He also did leadership workshops with our Year 6 students, who have recently chosen their leadership responsibilities for the term. These workshops act as an activator for our students to lead our school to make a difference to not just our school but also our community. For more information on our Student Leadership Program click here

Check out Loren’s website for more information about Loren’s message he also has a YouTube channel. Here is one of the video’s from our channel:

What did you enjoy from Lorin’s visit? What message was the most important for you?

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