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Around the Grounds…

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From the small and narrow SCG, to the slick Etihad and finishing with the grand MCG, today we went ‘around the grounds’ with Andrea Hillbrick.  An immeasurably practical session full of ideas that will help bring high levels of fun and engagement into our classroom.

We know that Read alouds are a very important factor when creating motivation for reading and Andrea shared some creative ways to use Read alouds in the classroom.

The Multi-race, cards to 15 and face co-ordinate tasks were fun and clearly demonstrated the importance of challenge in mathematical tasks. It reminds us that we actually need some failure to ignite learning. They were all tasks that could be introduced to learners of all abilities (low floor-high ceiling).

The presentation notes below include all her ideas, including some great ones that she shared around publishing writing. Here is a link to Andrea’s pinterest board all around publishing  (by the way Andrea has many more boards with loads of terrific ideas) 

There are also a few books that we can’t wait to get our hands on to use in our classrooms. Llamaphone, Cicada, and the Word Collector are among those

Andrea has given us the ideas it is now our responsibility to make these ideas come to life in our classrooms. It is going to be fun!

What was one thing you would like to nail straight away in terms of what Andrea shared?

What is one thing that still needs a little hammering? 


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