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A very big welcome to… Term Two!

Today we welcomed back the kids to Term Two. We have started the term refreshed, keen and ready to learn. Today we shared our energisers and mixers document.

This document has some fabulous ideas that are great to do in circle time and begin or end a day. We spent time in our observation triangles today and got to know each other a little better through some conversations. The bulk of the session was dedicated to the scavenger hunt. Teams had to find 10 mystery items, all of which had something to do with term two. Here are the clues. Can you decipher what the clues were referring to?


Clue One

When the thoughts of  little people come alive I am born. My journey often starts when lead wrapped in a cut down tree is combined with even more cut down tree. I like catching up with my kind, while teachers peer down from above and share me, discuss me, judge me and shuffle me around. But most of all I just love when I am being read.

Clue Two

I am whatever you think is a good example of me. I am proof of progress. I am evidence of learning. Hopefully I am easy to find!

Clue Three

A part of our instructional practice, I thrive when I am in clear view of people. I help organise learning goals, groups, tasks and learners. While I might be hard to collect, today just borrowing a piece of me should suffice.

Clue Four

I have four letters but when I think about it I guess I might have more or less than that. Sometimes laminated, sometimes not. I help kids to spell…if they find my spot.

Clue Five

Research based, I am there if reading and writing is tough. I am often used in small groups and came to Bourchier Street early in 2016. Sometimes referred to as LLI, I am pretty sure ‘the package’ unpacked my package.

Clue Six

My subject is enrolled at the school and while they remain unharmed (we wouldn’t want to hurt kids!), I get shot and sometimes blown up! Somebody has to take me before you can get me, and while I am not always printed I hope you can collect me.

Clue Seven

I might be tricky, because tangible I am not. I only exist from conversing with colleagues quite a lot. Teaching is hard work and the challenges are many. Collect some poignant words today that  that can help ensure we have smiles a plenty.

Clue Eight

I could be written on some paper, I could be on a computer. I could be described like somewhere where people drink or something that they eat. Sometimes a student survey or data set I complete. At times used by students and their teachers. I represent numbers and help us all to understand their features.

Clue Nine

This one is rather simple. To decipher my clue the thought process is none, for I am simply… an example of fun!

Clue Ten

There would have to be hundreds of me at school, I wouldn’t want to count. I am on School bags, uniforms and official notes, a ridiculous amount. My wings spread out ready to swoop and while it may be disgusting, good luck comes from my poop!

After returning from our scavenger hunt we went through some things that are coming up in term two. Here is the slide deck that was used to welcome us back to Term Two.

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