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A couple of trophies and a speed hump…

At a recent staff gathering we were given an opportunity to reflect on our year and discuss a couple of successes and also talk about one hurdle that we had to clear to have a good year. In terms of my role as Digital Learning Leader a couple of the success I thought of was the role out of our BYOD trial in the year 5 and 6 area. We had around 80 students sign up to the program and so far it has been a very smooth process. Of the 80 over 70 students opted to bring iPads into the school and we have now taken that into consideration for the expansion of the program.

The new look Digital Learning team in our school decided to expand the program to years 1-6. Next year will be a very exciting time when we see how the program will evolve and develop.  We planned and held a well attended information night and there is definitely a buzz around the program.

We also just recently became an officially recognised E-Smart accredited school. This is the culmination of over two years worth of work of auditing and formailising our teaching and wellbeing practices to ensure that we are giving our students access to the best online safety advice and education. We are now looking forward to not only maintaining our good practice but keeping in touch with the latest trends and advice from online safety experts that we have built connections with.

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