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2020 Bourchier Cup

The Bourchier Cup has become an institution at Bourchier Street Primary School. It started ten years ago as a way of using the spring racing carnival to bring fun and learning. Beginning its life as a Senior School event, the Bourchier Cup involved students and teachers donning their best racing attire to engage in many racing themed activities. Of course the biggest event of the day is the running (or should I say crawling) of the Yabby race ‘that stops a year level’.

Each senior class has at least three yabbies that they can feed, train and name in the lead up to the big race. Past winners have included the Yabbinator, Mr Pinchy and Captain Claw. There is a series of heats in which the fattest Yabbies in the school qualify for the big race. Yabbies don’t really know how to run in a straight line so a large circle is drawn on the track and the yabbies are released in the center. The first Yabby to cross the line (in any direction) is the winner.

This year we were not allowed to have large crowds so we conducted our Bourchier Cup over Zoom. Please check out the video below if you want to see this years Cup (you might have to fast forward to get to the race).

We also had some fantastic fun in the lead up to the Bourchier Cup. Check out some of the fashion that was on show for the day!

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