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The upcoming Numeracy staff meeting will be on…

Authentic Open ended Real life Numeracy Learning Problem Tasks and associated Tasks


MJT buddy break-up.

At the end of the term we will be having a pizza party break-up with JNR. You will be able to choose from 5 popular pizza toppings. You will be able to eat up to a half of a pizza each! You can mix and match as many flavours as you want. The school has a budget to spend on break-ups and needs to document the cost per student. We will be having the party during the middle sessions and we want to be eating our pizzas at 1:00pm sharp.

Buddy Break-up

At the end of the year SKP want to have a break up with their buddy grade. They want to walk to a park that is within half an hour walk from the school. SKP will present their buddies with the options of the parks to visit. The buddies will want to know:

– How long it will take to walk to each park.

– How far away the parks are located.

– The directions to each of the parks.

SKP and the buddies want an hour to play at the park and return to school in time for the lunch bell at 1:20. A note needs to go home to parents and guardians advising them of the time SKP and the buddies will be leaving school, arriving at the park and leaving the park to return to school.

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