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How can you be heathier?

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is leading a new initiative on behalf of the Victorian Government, focused on embedding healthy food and drink options in the places where children and families gather. 

As a part of the Initiative Katie Thorp has been allocated as our schools Healthy Kids Advisors. Katie will work with us to help us join the Vic Kids Eat Well movement – a state-wide initiative supported by the Victorian Government.

Bourchier kids deserve access to healthy and delicious food and we want to ensure all kids have access to the healthy food and drink options they need to learn, play, grow and thrive. Today our Student voice Team and class representatives came together to discuss ways in which we promote healthy lifestyles at school. The session was facilitated by not only Katie but also representatives from GV health and the Greater Shepparton City Council.

Kids brainstormed ways we celebrate healthiness at school and ways we can be even healthier. What is really existing is that our ideas will not only help our school become healthier but will also be used as ideas to come up with a beautiful new piece of art for the school.

Where do you think would be a good place to put some art up around the school?

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